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How We Can Help

Seeking help can be intimidating and asking for help is an important first step. 

For Trauma Survivors

Trauma can lead to a variety of difficulties. Some people report being overwhelmed with fear and re-experiencing the trauma with the same thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions they had at the time of the event. These may include thinking about the trauma, seeing images of the event, having nightmares or flashbacks, and feeling physically and emotionally upset when reminded of the trauma. They may find themselves feeling as though they are in danger, feeling panic-like sensations, wanting to escape, and feeling irritable. Some people feel emotionally numb or detached. They experience trouble sleeping and concentrating as well. These symptoms, as well as others, can significantly interfere with important aspects of the trauma survivor's life. The Early Intervention Clinic is studying different approaches aimed at lessening the intensity and frequency of these symptoms in hopes of preventing further distress later in the healing process. To learn more, please contact our clinic.

For Referring Organizations

The Early Intervention Clinic accepts referrals from a variety of organizations throughout the Bay Area. If you are interested in referring individuals to our clinic, please request referral information, materials for distribution, or have the individual contact us directly.

Articles & Resources

There are many ways that individuals can go about seeking treatment for symptoms related to experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. If you feel the Early Intervention Clinic may not be the right place for you, please see our list of resources for other potential treatment options.

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